Question: Is SEO better than Google Adwords?

Answer: Yes, however, SEO consists of “organic unpaid search” marketing as well as “‘paid search” SEO which includes Google Adwords. Unpaid organic SEO is better than paid SEO with Google Adwords, but it depends on your budget and business goals. What is SEO and what is not SEO is often debated. 

The best strategy is to do both organic unpaid SEO and Google Adwords. If you’re thinking of doing Google Adwords only, then I suggest you run your numbers and think about the long term effects of not doing any organic SEO.

I advise local small businesses to do SEO first. Practically speaking, most new businesses do start with a local SEO campaign to get their internet marketing going. The long term effects of SEO can be very lucrative, so doing it right from the beginning is highly advantageous if you want to get leads and sales organically via search engines like Google.

After you’ve established some SEO successes, then try Google Adwords.

Google Adwords actually interacts with your SEO, so that is another reason to do SEO first. Google Adwords algorithim includes a metric called Google Quality Score. If your ad points to a page with poor SEO and poor content, you will get a lower Google Quality Score rating. Google Quality Score influences ad rank and cost per click of ads.

If you have the budget to run Google Adwords right away, you may want to consider doing both SEO and Google Adwords together. Some SEO consultants and agencies offer Google Adword services, but some do not.

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