If you own a restaurant in San Diego, SEO in an important tool in your marketing quiver that you’ll want to leverage for as long as you are open. Don’t ignore local SEO for your restaurant. Why? It actually makes it difficult for customers to find you online, that’s why. 

Whatever restaurant genre you’re in, wouldn’t it be nice to be found on page 1 for the best search queries in San Diego? Of course it would. But how do you get there?

Falco Agency SEO has an approach to SEO that is straightforward, aggressive, and long lasting. Every restaurant should have a SEO strategy and that SEO strategy should include technical SEO, SEO content writing, and well as SEO video production. A creative SEO strategy will get you the rankings you want. We will assess your competition, offer exclusivity agreements with our long term clients, and be the best SEO partners you could ask for.

There are several immediate SEO tasks to accomplish when a new restuarant opens. SEO for restaurants will cost anywhere from $1000 to $10,000, depending on how involved the SEO campaign is. A local restaurant in the outskirts of San Diego may not have much competition, so there’s no need for content creation all year round. However, for a restaurant in downtown San Diego, competing for page ranking can be challenging. For challening projects, the solution is always “better content, and more content.” 

A good SEO plan for restaurants in San Diego would include optimizing the Google map listing via the Google business dashboard, as well as on Bing and Yahoo. It would also include techincal SEO on a website, SEO copy writing on a website, and working with other SEO collaborators like PR agencies, PR consultants and other website publishers. 

A good SEO plan ensures you don’t skimp on strategic content. Good SEO requires quality strategic content. This value advice goes for restaurants and any other small business trying to improve their online visibility.

If a local restaurant is hiring a SEO agency that has their competition as clients, it can be a slippery slope. Always dicuss with SEO providers about potential competition and conflicts of interest when getting SEO services. 

Perhaps this post has shared too many SEO secrets. No worries, the best SEO work is accomplished in the details. Love is in the details, and it turns out, so is SEO. 

This post at best gives something local restaurants to think about in terms of getting SEO help to increase their online visibility and digital footprint.  

Contact Falco Agency today if you’d like to explore working together. If you’re lucky, I might barter SEO with the right restaurant.

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