Dispensaries and cannabusinesses need SEO just like every other competitive business. A SEO plan for a dispensary is similar to a SEO plan for a dentist or SEO for a restaurant. Local dispensaries in San Diego will benefit greatly from having quality SEO for as long as they are in business. As more dispensaries open, the harder it will be to compete in SEO, but don’t let that stop you. Instead, do your best SEO work possible. For all we know, some of the larger dispensaries may have taken ill-informed SEO shortcuts, so when a new dispensary has better SEO, shifts in rankings will occur. 

What is important for dispensary SEO? A smart SEO plan for a dispensary should include product SEO, as well as storefront SEO. Your SEO should help your phone ring, drive foot traffic, and help new customers find you as well as forget existing ones. 

Falco Agency SEO has an approach to SEO that is straightforward, aggressive, and gets long lasting results. We offer exclusivity agreements to our customers so you’ll know we have your best interest in mind. Long term SEO partner agreements are limited and include SEO strategy with technical SEO, SEO content writing, and well as SEO video production included. We will look after your SEO like our business depends on it.

Long term SEO projects for dispensaries range from $5,000 to $50,000. As more dispensaries open in the city of San Diego, SEO will get harder and more expensive. Some SEO for cannabusinesses start at $1000. This includes ancillary cannabis businesses, cannabis lab businesses, etc.

Contact Falco Agency today if you’d like to explore working together. Let’s talk today about SEO and your dispensary or cannabusiness. 

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