Question: What is SEO?

Answer: SEO stands for search engine optimization.

In the broadest sense, SEO is a marketing specialty that helps people find your brand or business online. Anyone that wants their website, brand or business to be easily found online needs to engage SEO. You can hire a full time SEO staff or hire a SEO consultant

SEO includes both organic and paid marketing efforts. An example of paid SEO is Google Ad Words.

Organic SEO efforts however, imply that you are not running paid ads. There are advantages to both organic and paid SEO, and if you can do both, that is best. Organic SEO takes time, and can take a year or more in some cases. This is especially true in extremely competitve industries online.

Paid SEO is typically more expensive, but you are able to get the SEO rankings you want fast. Much faster than organic SEO, which is why it is more expensive. 

Many companies even do paid Google Ad Words just for the business name. This is because they’d rather spend some money, than lose a customer that is searching for them online. By spending mone on paid ads, SEO goals can be reached quickly. However, there are still layers of complexitin with paid ads because you are competing against other paid ads. You dont’ get all the traffic, but you get some of the trafic and you pay for it. It’s better than NO traffic. Right? Sure! But only if you have budget to do so. 

Another aspect of SEO to think about is location. There are potential “local SEO,” “national SEO” and “international SEO” possibilities. Depending on your brand and business, you’ll focus your SEO campaign on one, two, or all three opportunites. 

One of the first things to do to make sure you have quality SEO is to make sure that when someone searches online for your brand name or business name, that your website shows up on page 1 in the first position. If people have heard about you and search for you online, but your website doesn’t show up, that would be a shame. 

Another first step in SEO should be getting a domain name with your business name, OR with keywords that would bring you new business. 

For example, if you’re a florist in San Diego with a name like “Sabrina’s Petals” (I just made this up), you might get a domain like or (these may or may not be available) instead of 

To add to that, there’s also a “.florist” domain name option that costs a premium, but offers a special branding and SEO value. So for example, you could get a domain like SabrinasPetals.Florist or SanDiegoFlowers.Florist. 

Many more things can be said about what is SEO, so stay tuned here on the Falco Agency SEO blog for more SEO explanations, tips, strategies and more here. 

If you need helping planning and implementing quality SEO and need a SEO consultant to advise you, contact Falco Agency today. 

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